Backyard Basketball Court Striping

In addition to many years of parking lot striping, signage, precast bumper curb, and many other aspects of parking lot maintenance, Moyers Contracting his highly experienced at painting basketball courts. If you have a basketball goal and would like to get a key striped or a half court area with a 3-point line striped, we can stripe whatever you need to take your basketball game to the next level. We can stripe a slab or a driveway. We can put down basketball court striping for any size area that you have. We will use a high quality paint that is designed for basketball courts (California Products Plexicolor Line Paint). We will use a machine designed for high quality striping. Think about how nice it would be to have a free throw line so that free throws are easier to practice. Think about having a key so that you can play "Around the World" and work on all the close in shots and really learn how to shoot off the glass. If you need your basketball court or half court area striped, give Moyers Contracting a call.

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